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Miss Busy Bee is a busy lady with a full time job caring for special needs children and a wonderful beloved husband who has to test all the things I try and cook. Successful or failure, someone must try it!

Other than a few summers working in a "Family Style" sit down restaurant I have no culinary training. Although when I was a younger Busy Bee I used to be active in 4-H and did take a few classes in cake decorating. I was never very good but I can at least do the basics and make a mean basket weave out of frosting. You will have to trust me that this is a serious art.

My other hobbies include caring for my beloved fatty catty, my tiny legged dog and my small aquarium which help keep me happy. I also try and garden as best as I can. In 2015 my husband and I purchased our first home and so far all I have managed to do garden wise is dig some nice looking holes for future gardening plans, and a few small herb gardens. I enjoy trying new things and seeing new places, but most of all I love returning to my home province for visits to see my family.

I have made and eaten everything I post here since I consider this to be my recipe box, so I hope you enjoy what I have done. The husband and I have very different tastes in food, I love Italian, French and Spanish food while the husband likes spicy Asian flavors, so there is quite a variety in the food I make. I really think there might be something for almost everyone here now.

In 2017 I welcomed my first baby into my life. So while I am not as active on here as I used to be, whenever I try a new recipe and decide it's good enough to share I will do my best to get it on here.

Have a question or comment you don't want posted on the site? Miss Busy Bee can be reached at: edcg1988@gmail.com

XOX Miss Busy Bee
A.K.A Queen B

Hope you continue to enjoy!

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