Thursday, 7 March 2013

Berry Sauce

Making your own sauce from frozen or fresh berries couldn't be easier since it only takes two ingredients and a small amount of time.  It is also a rewarding recipe since it can be used to add something extra to a muffin, piped inside for a fruit filling, as a sundae topper, a glaze on a cake or loaf with pancakes etc.

Berry Sauce


1 cup Berries fresh or frozen any variety
1/2 cup icing sugar*

*Can sub brown, white, or a simple syrup.


Either mash the berries up with a potato masher in a bowl or in a blender to loosen them up and separate the seeds from the fruity parts.

Push the berry paste through a fine sieve, basically we want just the fruit and juice from the berry and no pits or seeds or anything that isn't smooth.

Once the berry seeds have been removed whisk the icing sugar into the berry pulp.  Depending on your own tastes and the type of berries used the sauce might be too sweet or not sweet enough, if it is too sweet for you just add a little bit of lemon juice to taste, and if it is not sweet enough just add more sugar.

This sauce will keep well in your fridge for about week since there is so much sugar in it, just make sure it is kept in an air tight container.



PS. So sometimes the icing sugar makes the color of the sauce a less brilliant bright color than is ideal. But I have a solution for this. We basically need to make a sugar syrup which can be done by substituting the icing sugar for regular table sugar, and mixing the table sugar with boiling water one tablespoon at a time. Until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture doesn't feel too grainy when you stir it. Combine this sugar syrup with the mashed and de-seeded berries and good to go!

Also adding a small bit of rum or brandy to the sauce and gently simmering it for a while over low heat can have excellent results.

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