Friday, 8 March 2013

Fresh Whipped Cream

Fresh whipping cream is a simple easy way to add something extra to a dessert.  Plus I prefer real cream to something mysterious in a can. . .  I usually just use my stand mixer, pour in the whipped cream and extras, and turn it on and walk away for a bit. But the exact same result can be achieved with a hand mixer or by hand. If you are trying this by hand you will likely need a whipping buddy because your arm will get tired before you have whipped cream. Oh and Whipping cream is basically just any really heavy cream, for a good texture you want a milk product that has a fat percent somewhere around 35% or so.

Making Fresh Whipped Cream

Basically for every 2 cups(I always buy a 500ml carton) of whipping cream I add:
1-2+ tablespoon of sugar (I wont tell if you add a bit more)
1 teaspoon vanilla

Then it is really just a matter of whipping it until stiff peaks begin to form and stand. Fresh whipped cream is best when whipped right before dessert is served, but it can be done a short while ahead of time as long as it is kept in the fridge and you take in to consideration that it might need to be whipped up a bit at serving time. Also, this is FRESH whipping cream, you really do want to try and buy the freshest carton possible, and buy it either the day you plan to serve the dessert or the day before at most.

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