Saturday, 28 September 2013

Home Made Poultry Seasoning (No Salt)

Poultry Seasoning


3 Tablespoons dried rosemary
3 Tablespoons oregano
2 Tablespoons sage
1 Tablespoon Summer Savory or Savory
1 Tablespoon ginger
2 Tablespoons marjoram
1 Tablespoon thyme
1 Teaspoon nutmeg


Crush the rosemary leaves and then in a medium container with a good seal combine the rest of the spices and herbs, close the lid shake and done!

Examples of ways to use it:

  • Rub all over a whole chicken, or bone on chicken breasts before roasting, dust with flour and dab some soft butter all over. Add a little chicken stock to the roasting pan and baste a few times while cooking for moist, yummy roasted chicken. Bonus chicken stock/pan juices can turn into awesome gravy!
  • Blend some into a 4:1 Panko bread crumb and flour mix to use as a fried chicken coating. Cut chicken into strips or pound flat. In a medium bowl whisk an egg with salt, pepper and garlic, and coat the chicken in the egg, then the bread crumb and flour mix and fry in a medium heat pan, with a thin coating of veg oil for about 5 minutes a side.
  • Use it as a base! Spice it up with crushed chilli flakes, go half and half with the pizza spice or taco seasoning mentioned above to push for either Italian or Mexican flavor in some chicken recipes. 
  • Use it in chicken noodle soup.
  • Use it in some Chinese Chicken Ramen Noodles, with extra ginger and green onion slices.


Sometimes I am lazy. I know, truly shocking to admit that but it is true. On these lazy days I like to have a small hoard of pre-made things on hand so my life is easier. Things like all my proteins and meat separated into portions just right for either my small weekly dinner parties, or for me and the man-friend soon to be husband. But that is only half the game, I still need to actually cook something to eat since lovely man friend cooks with his debit card or a cereal bowl. So I also have on hand; Pizza SpiceTaco Seasoning, and now Poultry Seasoning! Extra bonus, no salt so I don't even have to pretend to feel bad when I cook the chicken with butter. Basically this is just a nice herb and spice blend to add some flavor and act as a base for most simple chicken recipes.

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