Monday, 24 February 2014

Brunch Skillet

Brunch Skillet


2 Russet potatoes, or about 1/2 pound starchy potatoes
3 Stalks Green Onion, Chopped
1 Tablespoon Parsley, chopped
2-3 Tablespoons butter
2-4 Eggs
Salt and Pepper
1/2-1 Cup shredded Cheese (I am a fan of white cheddar)
About 1/2 Cup chopped Panchetta or 3 strips cooked bacon crumbled*
1-2 Tablespoons veg oil
1 Diced Red Pepper*

*Pancetta or bacon are only optional. I prefer my brunch with some form of bacon but the choice is yours.
*If you are using a stainless steel or non-stick skillet don't bother with the extra oil in the recipe. Cast iron is a different cooking medium and needs the extra oil for seasoning purposes. Check out my guide to Cast Iron to learn more.
*Red pepper, also optional, sometimes I just want some extra vegetables in my life.


Heat and season with oil your cast iron skillet to medium heat or just heat up your other skillet.

Dice the potatoes into nice hashbrown bite sized cubes. Melt the butter in the heated pan and add the potatoes quickly after chopping to prevent oxidization.

Season the potatoes with salt and pepper and add the parsley. Gently stir and cook the potatoes until just tender. This can take between 20-35 minutes depending on how thick you cut the potatoes. If possible cover the pan to speed up the cooking process.

While potatoes are cooking preheat oven to 400°F. Unless you have a non-stick pan or one with a plastic/rubber handle. Then ignore the oven instructions. You can finish cooking your eggs on the stove top, just use a large lid or flat baking pan(Like a pizza pan for example) to cover the pan while the eggs cook.

Once the potatoes have cooked and are fork tender, add the green onion, and any of the optional ingredients. Stir to evenly distribute.

Crack the desired number of eggs over the top. Try and aim for the "corners" of the pan so the eggs are spread out. Season the eggs with salt and pepper and toss the shredded cheese over the top.

Place the skillet in the oven for about 8-15 minutes depending on how well you like your eggs cooked. If doing it on the stove top, keep the pan covered and check about every 5-4 minutes until eggs are done.

Serve each egg and the hashbrowns it covers as a serving in a nice bowl.



Similar to my recipe for Christmas Morning Egg Nests, but simpler. Because not every morning can be Christmas. Plus a girl needs to get her potato fix on those "difficult" Sunday mornings; after perhaps one glass too many of red wine. . .

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