Sunday, 21 July 2013

Chocolate Trifle

Chocolate Trifle


1 Chocolate cake
1 Cup coffee
2 Cups chocolate pudding
1/2 - 1 Cup Skor chips
1/2 -1 Cup Chocolate shavings
Defrosted Cool Whip, check your package for how long that should take. You can use fresh whipped cream instead of cool whip but I find the cool whip does a better job holding everything together.


You can either make this dessert in individual serving cups or in one large trifle dish. If you do individual cups only do one layer of each. If preparing it in a the large trifle bowl, do several repetitions of the layers in order. Finishing with cool whip and chocolate shavings on top.

Prepare the pudding, chocolate cake, coffee, and allow the cool whip to defrost or make the whipped cream. place the cake in a large bowl crumble the chocolate cake. Once crumbled pour the cup of coffee over the cake bits and stir again to mix.

Layer the dessert in the following order:
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Pudding
Skor bits
Cool Whip
Chocolate shavings

So basically just keep following that layer order and you can't go wrong.



When I was twelve, my class was going on a really big field trip with a ferry crossing and and everything required. To fund raise for this trip everyone in my grade six class had to help put together a pot luck dinner for the teachers of our school, they would pay a "donation" and eat reasonably well for one day. I was charged with creating a dessert for the pot luck and instead of just getting my mom to make or buy something I decided I would make something myself. My mom suggested I try making a trifle, since it is easy to make, impressive to see and awesome to eat.

It was a smash success at the potluck and my first attempt at making a fancy dessert. So since this was the first fancy dessert recipe I ever pulled off this is definitely one for the easy category. Especially since there are a lot of short cuts you can take with this one. All that a trifle is, is layers of other dessert like things all served at once. So in the chocolate trifle you can either make a fresh chocolate cake, from scratch or get a chocolate cake mix from the store. Or even just buy an unfrosted chocolate cake from the grocery store, although you may need to call ahead to get one that is still unfrosted. This recipe also calls for chocolate pudding. You could make chocolate pudding from scratch but I usually just get the jello box package and make that. It literally only takes 2 minutes to make the box of pudding verses over 10 minutes actually cooking the pudding and then waiting for it to chill for an hour. Plus I haven't ever tried to make pudding from scratch so I am really not sure how it would work out. Maybe I'll try it sometime soon. Finally the skor bits can either be from smashed skor chocolate bars, or a baking package of the chips, or the chips from bulk barn, and the chocolate shavings can be made by grating a milk chocolate bar over a cheese grater, or pulsed in a food processor. Alrighty I think that about covers the need to know bits. Let's get to it.

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