Sunday, 21 July 2013

White Wine Sangria

It's my birthday soon! Which means time for a summer party. My new favorite summer drink is a white wine sangria, it is light and fruity and delicious, plus it also has a lot of boozey fruit which will make a nice snack after the drink is gone but the party remains. Boozey fruit is awesome in the summer time. So this is how i made mine, it was awesome according to my opinion and my party guests that night. So I am pretty confident that it will be a successful addition to almost any party this summer. And all the summers after.

White Wine Sangria


1 750ml bottle of riesling white wine.
2/3 Cups white sugar
3 oz Brandy (3 shots)
1 Orange
1 Tangerine
1 Lemon
1 Lime
2 Mini sized cucumbers, or about half an English cucumber
Some other assorted fruit like berries, water melon, grapes etc
1 Can ginger ale
1 Can club soda


The night before ideally, in a large punch bowl or juice pitcher mix together the wine, sugar and brandy. Whisking until the sugar dissolves. Slice all the fruit into thin slices or small pieces and add to the liquor mix. Chill over night. Just before serving add the ginger ale and club soda and stir to mix. Keep it chilled and serve with ice.


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