Thursday, 4 July 2013

Quick Chicken Brine

If you haven't heard, giving your chicken, or any poultry really for that matter, a soak in some brine  is probably the most delightful things you can do. It ensures the chicken is moist and juicy and you can use the brine to add some extra flavor layers to the meat before even cooking it!

I just tried this recipe for a brine that only takes about 30 minutes (or up to one hour) to really bring out the best in chicken. This is enough for about four boneless chicken breasts, or one whole chicken if you have the right brine vessel. It's pretty much perfect, and I had to this recipe in a place I wouldn't lose it!

Quick Chicken Brine

Ingredients (Basic):

About a liter of water
About 1/2 Cup Kosher salt
About 1/2 Cup Sugar


Whisk all ingredients in a large bowl until dissolved. Add chicken or poultry. Let sit and soak for about 30 minutes or up to about one hour. Remove chicken from brine, pat dry, season and cook as desired!.

To get real fancy with the brine you can add things like coriander, lemon zest, pepper corns, bay leaves, cloves, and other aromatic herbs and spices.

Ps This is a poultry brine more so than just chicken, and I am currently using it for some turkey thighs that I plan to roast tonight. Yummy!! (Edited July 28, 2013)


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