Saturday, 28 September 2013

Regenerating Green Onions

I don't know about you but I certainly go through an awful lot of green onions and since I do not have a yard to have a garden yet or a house to build a sun room onto I needed to find a better way to get more fresh green onion in my house. It is also stupid simple which is of course always excellent.

Regenerating Green Onions:

After cutting the green part off the green onion to use in a delicious recipe, tie the remaining white stems and roots together into a bundle and place in a glass of water in sunshine. Wait a few days until the roots are growing and the green part of the green onion is growing longer. If you like you can just keep it in the water and let it grow hydroponically or transfer into a pot with soil.

Cut off green sections to use as needed. Mine have been growing for about a week in the picture, as long as you keep some water in the glass with the green onion roots you can keep growing fresh green onion for a pretty long while.


PS mine lasted for about 4 months before they ran out of steam, pretty decent results!

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